The Good Ideas

In no particular order:

1. Keep a notepad on you at all times just in

case you come up with a good idea.

2. Smile at strangers.

3. If you go somewhere that specializes in something

(ie. smoked meat poutine), try it.

4. Go easy on the smoked meat poutine.

5. Look up when walking in the city.

6. Scan a salmon steak as a banana bunch at an auto checkout (Sponsored by Mark).

7. If you encounter a wild animal in the wild and you feel a strange

connection with them, like you might have known them in a passed life,

do not approach – or do so at a very high risk.

7. Know the flags of many countries.

9. Don’t kill nature.

10. Spend time on city rooftops.

A Strange Connection

A Strange Connection


It is important to keep in mind that the really good ideas are the ones that stay good. There seems to be less emphasis on those these days. Donna, we hope this is helpful to you, it certainly was fun for us.

Thank you for suggesting the list.


2 Responses to “The Good Ideas”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I once had a run in with a raccoon on the roof of a building in parkdale and for a split second, as we looked in each other’s eyes, we both knew that we had a connection.

    • newshock Says:

      we’ve tried our hardest to follow your requests. about the racoon. i must say i’m not surprised you had such a strange encounter, and neither is the R&D team. Especially in parkdale… strange things happen.


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