The World’s Most Popular Soups

In no particular order:

Tomato Soup U.S. (Honourable Mention)

Tomato Soup U.S. (Honourable Mention)

1. Chicken Noodle (U.S.)
2. Miso (Japan)
3. Gazpacho (Spain)
4. Minestrone (Italy)
5. Dahl (India)
6. Hot and Sour Soup (China)
7. Borscht (Ukraine, Russia, Poland)
8. Tortilla Soup (Mexico)
9. French Onion (France)
10. Leek and Potato (Ireland)
11. Ceviche (Portugal, Spain)
12. Beef Broth based Stew (England)

We also have Mulligatawny for India, Wonton Soup for China, as well as possibly Vichyssois for France and a few outstanding debates on Mexico’s #1.

We’d also like to publish a special mention of New England Clam Chowder (U.S. Eastern Seaboard)


5 Responses to “The World’s Most Popular Soups”

  1. Patrik Says:


  2. Alan Says:

    Can you do a list of marvel superheroes NOT in an X-team?

  3. Alina Says:

    Love this site. How about an accompanying list of the 10 top soup-eating nations? And then you could correlate it to a list with the 10 most water-abundant nations. That way you could test my hypothesis that nations with lots of water eat lots of soup (or not). Keep up the great list making.

  4. Melanie Says:

    I would like to remove number 12 because I’ve never had it. Please replace 12 with Pho as discussed.
    Then I would like to see a list of your favourite raw ingredients, then a list of dishes that can be created by those ingredients only.

  5. donna Says:

    I would like to see a list of good ideas. Thank you.

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